Choon's Cacti Collection
There are a lot of good cacti sites in the WWW where you can find tips on growing cactus and lots of excellent pictures. Below are the few sites that I like the most:

The Cactus & Succulent Plant Mall A page that provides all the cactus and succulent links that can be found in the World Wide Web. 

Brazilian Cacti in Cultivation Contains lots of information and photos for melocactus and discocactus.

SuccSeed Supplier of cactus and succulent seeds. You must visit their photo gallery, they have a good collection of pictures.

Friedhelm Günther's Home Page It's in German, but what the heck, a photo is worth a thousand words. Lots of flowering cacti. He has just added a new gallery for gymnocalycium.

Yowichirow's Web Site Good astrophytum photos.

Echinocereus Home page by Martina & Andreas Ohr. This page is updated monthly. So be sure to visit it often.

Kaktus Austria - The Austrian Cactus Page Check out their photo gallery!

and finally, my friends' cacti page:

Man's Cacti & Succulent Page Check out his cacti drawings!

Kreewut's Cactus Page! (from Thailand)

Last updated: January 30, 2001. 
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